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 You really get pissed off when you face erectile failure from time to time. You do not want to get socialize as you start losing your self confidence. If you are looking for a drug which can cure your erectile dysfunction problem, then you must choose Cenforce 25 mg.     

About Cenforce 25 mg:

Cenforce 25 mg is an alternative drug for Viagra. It is a very cost-effective medicine. The primary ingredient in it is Sildenafil Citrate. This ingredient has earned high name in treating hypertension and erectile dysfunction. Many men use this medicine all over the world and are very happy with its results.

How does it function?

Cenforce 25 mg is a fantabulous dilator of blood vessels as the blood vessels get inflated after having this medicine. Just like Viagra, it inhibits the role of PDE-5 enzyme. As a result, cGMP are able to perform their work properly and the right signal is sent to the brain. Then, sufficient blood is passed in the penile section. Thereafter, the penis starts becoming hard and firm enough so that you can have a sensual sex with your partner.

Method of Using:

  • Always use this medicine under the supervision of your doctor.
  • The best time to take this medicine is 35-40 minutes prior you want to enjoy sex with your partner.
  • You can take it before or after meals. It hardly matters as there is no impact of food on this drug.
  • Take it orally with enough water so that it gets digested in your blood easily.

Important tips for working of Cenforce 25 mg:

  • You must stay mentally relaxed and you have to keep your mood romantic so that you get sexually stimulated. This drug will work wonders if you are highly sexually stimulated.
  • Follow a proper diet chart. If you inhale excess fatty food, then it can interruot in the proper working of this medicine.
  • Avoid drinking beverages that contain alcohol or grapefruit juices as the effect of this drug can become low due to this.
  • You must settle your mood slowly and wait for the tresult patiently.

Right Dose:

There are many factors that decide the amount of dosage for the patients. The doctor prescribes the right dose for you according to your medical history, your age, your current physical health, your mental health, the intensity of the disease, the current drug intake, etc.

Cases in which doctor must be seen:

  • When you get threaten by the side effects of this drug such as vision loss, hearing loss, painful and prolonged erection, etc
  • When the prescribed dose does not match your requirement.
  • When you take the overdose of this drug.
  • When you cannot see the promised effect during sex.
  • When you cannot see any effect of this drug.

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